Seek medical treatment, but this action leaves and white or let Ma Baiwei overwhelmed, bewildered.

  More severe beating heart of it, this is twenty years, she for the first time with a guy so close.
  Women’s modesty she wanted to rebel, but that it is a matter of tens of seconds after the.
  White was about to open the leaves, he has to sit up, his brow furrowed, his face pensive look.
  Strange, is too strange.
  Suddenly, around the leaf is full of murderous white felt, it seems that all students are staring at him.
  A boy stood up, walked in front of white leaves, coldly.
  ”Who told you hands and feet of the Master?”
  Ye white surprised a moment, sir?
  I just looked at Ma Baiwei to see a doctor, but not take liberties with your girlfriend, as to make it face painting?
  ”What is the relationship with you?”
  The man face a cold, the low voice said, “My name is Dong Xiaofeng, Jiuxuan Tian Dong Xiaofeng, you are what antecedents?”
  Jiuxuan Tianshan?
  This is the second time the white leaf heard the name.
  ”What you people Donghuai Yu?”
  ”That’s my sister, my sister know thousands and thousands of people, do not think you can just throwing herself at me, next time you lay a finger less