This life, I’m just indifferent and calm

Human life can not be eternal, spiritual radiance of life just repeat hundreds of thousands or even millions of years of human evolution brilliant, everyone on earth has its own unique way of life, like a nature exist in consciously or unconsciously, will be among a certain pattern.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) is my way of life without the box, I do not care what others think of their own, are ridiculed or is praise, to me it does not matter, I just want a real ordinary life, I have nothing other begging.If you are doomed to ordinary life, even if it is then laid down his life in the pursuit, I do not think there will be too much of harvest, so I’m not counting on “Heaven has eyes” and glorious life, I just natural and indifferent.    I do not need to survive and can not depend on the state of knowledge of others, for small to large, I always faced constantly changing environment strange, naive to think that ignorance of childhood, think of the poor into every village the city swallowed hard, I often have a calm sad.With his growing up, I was more and more clearly aware of their many despicable, is looking for a someone to talk to, but can not say it.Today, I still loved justice and hated facing the dense, space-time of the passage of time, I can not easily move, Payouyitian it will be defeated covered with scars.    With the quickening pace of society, I do not have time to enjoy, or even not qualified to enjoy the existing poor everything, dew on the petals heart seems like a fragile, light touch will fall.Hard to feel that since ordinary, frustrated for so many years, why do you care about it?Maybe so far I did a deep understanding of earthly heart, in fact, everything has not changed, just changed his state of mind, even regret his life, suffering life, perhaps this is brilliant I can, what can they do?At best, only in exchange for cheap dash of laughter.So why bother to earthly tired of it?    This life, I’m just indifferent and calm.