Live each day

“Man, life for a few days?”” Three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow.There are fans back door between yesterday and today, there are fan front door between today and tomorrow.”” That’s the most important day in three days?”” Of course today.”Put each had a good day, to live a full, meaningful passes, we will be able to lead a rich life getting a nice sense!Today’s approach is to have a good “business”: the front door and back door leading to yesterday’s close the gateway to the future of all, what happened yesterday to stay in yesterday, tomorrow to say things like.Do not worry about what happened yesterday, do not worry for tomorrow’s thing, what matters is doing the right thing done today.In this way, people suddenly relaxed.    When you ponder the true meaning of life, you will understand A life is not to make a living, money and suffering, but to experience, experience and enjoy.I really like the popular online this passage: “wonderful life lies not in length but in width, the value of life lies not in difficulty and that accuracy, the meaning of life lies not in quantity but in quality.”Oh man, it should be lived up to the wonderful, happy to own.Not based on today, there will be endless regret yesterday.By the time wasted years, one party recognizes how important it is passed today, then already too late.Yesterday, passed, and yesterday’s brilliant and please do not come down today to bring.Today is a new beginning, we do not have endless pain of regret as yesterday.Today, re-face their own, lived up to the maximum possible, play the greatest potential of life.Grasp today, with a scientific attitude, broaden perspectives, new ways of thinking to practice life, as much as possible to expand the width of life.This life will be wonderful that such a life was full of gorgeous color adopted.    Everything in the hands of tomorrow, dreaming will get better tomorrow.Then, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is so great that I was born to be tomorrow never comes.” .Moreover, the process of human life is a process full of uncertainty, fortune may be in Danxizhijian; if it encountered unexpected calamity killed today, tomorrow also important to you?    ”Red Cliff” in Su Shi chant “sorrow of my life even for a moment, infinite envy of the Yangtze River,” sighs, compared with billowing Yangtze River, life is just a moment, not even then we should treasure the time to cherish it today?Today things to do today, tomorrow, think, do also possible to do a good job to do today to finish.Cherish today, the life of the boat before they can get a smooth driving eventually captures the other side was the ideal place to spend.He was not clever country Panshao time, but he did know how to cherish the time, put all the time for learning, eventually leaving a glorious page in history.Charlotte was born poor, but she cherish every second of time, each day assiduously literature, literature on the final climb peak.It is because they understand the importance of time, to learn to grasp the fleeting time, step by step, out of the wonderful life, increasing the width and thickness of life, so that every day without regret, are brilliant.    Life, as one of the last to fade today.Today, not storage, expired on invalid.The do today to accomplish things off until tomorrow, the performance is a waste of life.Rolling Yangtze River eastward, as the years flow for no man, the lost time is gone.”When timely encouragement, Time and tide wait for no man,” Oh, the ancestors of the teachings of the saints, but unfortunately when should win gold.For good ideal, in order to future glory, only 24 hours to fully utilize good day, do not waste a per every minute.Only seize the day, cherish and grasp every moment of time.    Life can have a few back stroke?Today the struggle, it is possible to approach success.Life, composed by the numerous today; the courage to face today, take a good step by step today.We hold today’s initiative, we will be able to enjoy the taste of happiness, joy and benefits, feel the joy of loving and being loved.A good grasp of today, will be pleased to look back to yesterday, tomorrow will be the face of calm confidence.As in your dictionary will not find life in today’s “Unfortunately, indecision, daydreaming.”Wait word word; your life will be better, more fulfilling.    By?Composed of finite life today, the time will drip into a gathering line, woven into the surface, we draw no regrets in life.Today, I want to make what is just do, do it carefully, do not be left tomorrow!