Eric Tsang called robbing king Jackie Chan is not lost, he denied ZhouDongYu

Eric Tsang called robbing king does not lose Jackie, ZhouDongYu denied that he had hidden rules Liang must Wutai Mountain Yammie Lam resigned last year to say once raped her two big brothers of the name of the film yesterday, one is already death of Alan Tang, another bit is now head of the Hong Kong entertainment industry Tsang.His name suddenly on the hot search, microblogging years of silence, he actually also the first time released a statement saying that after this video clip will be delivered lawyers.   The thing Although there is no final judgment, but users are basically consistent condemnation Eric Tsang, yesterday I was still hot search first of Eric suddenly been withdrawn, which made the people wonder if he is guilty.   Speaking of Eric Tsang, the first impression most people or old Hong Kong comedy movie to make a little fool of myself, but in fact, his current position in Hong Kong and basically no one: debut a few years, the Golden Horse Awards, Awards are won, or several people in Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild president, the Hong Kong entertainment circle junior should call him a head.   This did not dare to offend the forces of nature in Hong Kong, he is fueling his lust nature.Eric Tsang and sometimes unbridled opportunity to mooch on the variety show actress, and afterwards they can only embarrassed smile, laugh and Eric Tsang is very bright.   And Eric Tsang also love to drink in the circle out of the name, must-have wine Bureau, will fall to.Lan Jieying in the video interview, said Tsang is Jiujin only raped her.Eric Tsang already lecherous but was Han Yinghua revealed to the Western model offered prescription pimp, so the world’s best.   Alex’s wedding, when Eric would Jiujin tried to kiss the bride, but fortunately she tried to resist Eric was Qinliaoyikou back trouble.Alex aside though not mind the taste, but because of the media scene taking pictures, not good to show what.   Earlier in the day, horizon, watercress and other community spread a message: Eric Tsang at the time of the recording of a food program had personally broke the news himself slept seeking girls – ZhouDongYu, then ZhouDongYu received a lot of good resources, such as “Seven July and quiet “, also took the film won the Golden Horse Award, and the Hong Kong movie” like you “, without exception, these resources are tied with Eric Tsang, so this way, through the relationship between the two say.   This message is a mass ten, hundred, flew like a snowball almost all the people know about the incident yesterday after being raped burst Eric Tsang Lan Jieying almost immediately responded, denying the fact, recognized the illegal video clips and percent, while for ZhouDongYu this matter, Eric Tsang himself has not yet taken any action, but added actress – ZhouDongYu studio issued a statement denying there had intimate relationship with Eric Tsang, on the matter broke the news purely malicious rumors, harsh nature.   For ZhouDongYu response, the fans are also united to defend their master, in the end support ZhouDongYu rights.   Rumors stop wise saying goes, the entertainment was mixed, the characters are very complex, many of the facts we do not know, no matter what, the bad guys want to eventually be able to receive due punishment of innocent people still body of his innocence, let the victim people get late justice.   If it turns Lan Jieying event he was innocent, that we can tolerate the emergence of the name, if it had a real hammer, then I can only hope he will be laid to rest as soon as possible.