2022 National Civil Service Examination Beijing Regional Jiali Chou

Original title: National examination Beijing area position Baili pick a newspaper (Reporter Yan Li) Yesterday, 2022 National Civil Service Examination registration was closed, and the 10-day registration officially came to an end.

Beijing Youth Daily has learned from Huatu Education, with its statistics, as of 17:50, the number of applicants of the national exam has exceeded 20.2 million, and more than 1830,000 people have passed the qualification examination, and the number of national civil servants has been high, and more than last year 520,000 people. The average competition of the registered position is more than 60: 1. The competition is very intense, including the first-class director of the Postal Administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the postal authority of the Postal Authority, and the following positions have been firmly locked from the beginning of the registration. One position, competition has reached 19236: 1, and the number of single post registrations is also a record high. At the same time, Beijing is high, the number of extensions, high and competitive ratio has become a "three high" region of 2022 national exams, leading the country, competition ratio of 103: 1. It is understood that there are 16,745 positions in the national examination, including 3,1242 people, which increased by 5,516 people, expansion of the number, and the number of recruitments have exceeded 30,000 in recent years. It is a good news for candidates. The expansion of scale will provide opportunities for more candidates.

The expansion of the expansion directly brought the surge in the number of applicants, and the national examination registration has once again ushered in the peak. According to the statistics of Huatu Education, as of 17:50 yesterday, from the beginning of the registration, the "Tibet Autonomous Region Postal Authority First Class Director and the following" in the Tibet Autonomous Region and the following "will become the national examination without suspense. Maximum popular, as the only "three unlimited" position, due to few restrictions, the total number of applicants is as high as 20,602, and the number of people has been qualified for 19,236. The position of the position is only enjoys 1 person, and the final competition is likely to exceed 20000: 1, and the number of differentiated people will record the history of the country. For this Tibet position, Liu Youzhen analysts Liu Youzhen, the head of Huatu Education Civil Service Examination, said that the position is the integrated management class of the city (floor) level and the following directly under the institutions, and the conditions for the qualifications and above, Restrictions, no restrictions, do not limit the political look, is a typical "three unlimited" position, "and many candidates have passed their own conditions, and the results can only choose to report Tibet. The purpose may mainly want to increase the test experience, send I hope to take the next provincial and municipal civil service exam. "In the most competitive list," National Federation of Trade Unions China Machinery Metallurgical Building Materials Trade Union Office First Level Director and the following ", ranking second, competition ratio 4409: 1; Rong Rong County Taxation Bureau, the third-level administrative law enforcement member (II), the competition ratio is also 3121: 1. It is stark contrast to these positions, as of 17:50 yesterday, 127 positions, involving 157 people involved, accounting for 5 ‰, belonging to normal. According to Huatu Education Statistics, the no one is mainly concentrated in the fire system, the Statistics Bureau investigation team and the railway public security.

Experts analysis, the core characteristics of the no-disciplined positions are the specific conditions. From the perspective, according to Huatu Education Statistics, the strokes are in Guangdong, Beijing, Shandong. Among them, there were 1117 recruits in Guangdong Province, and the number of recruits was 2450. At present, more than 190,000 people in the audit; Beijing recruitment 874 posts, 2111 recruits, currently more than 21,000 people. Beijing is high, the number of senators, high and competitive competition has become the "three high" area of ??the 2022 national exam, leading the country, competition ratio of 103: 1.

"The capital of Beijing as the gathering place of the central government, is also the political, economic and cultural center, superior resources, and great attraction to candidates." Liu Youzhen said.

  It is reported that although the registration has ended, the qualification review will continue until 18:00 on October 26. Therefore, the number of audits will continue to increase.

In the next two days, candidates who have already signed up but are waiting for the audit should pay attention to their audit results. Through the review of candidates to continue to complete the "second half" of the national examination registration, from 0:00 to November 7 on November 1 Day 24:00 Login test topic website for online registration and payment, overdue is deemed to be automatically abandoned. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Sharing let more people see.