China Construction Third Bureau: Consumer Poverty Alleviation Helps Rural Revitalization

"Dear, this is Enshiyu Dew tea, the taste is refreshing, everyone quickly puts the order!" On November 11, 2021, the employees of the China Construction Third Bureau "cross-border" belt, selling power in the online live broadcast of Hubei Agricultural and sideline products.

On the same day, the "China Construction Third Bureau Rural Zhenxing Life Hall" opened in Wuhan Guanggu, driving more than a thousand farmers to achieve income.

China Construction Third Bureau to carry out partial history education, with high political consciousness and action, continue to increase their strength, explore the "underwater scenes + experienced + supply chain" model to carry out normalized consumption help new measures, create Become a beautiful business card for enterprise consumption.

Hubei, fish rice township, "rice bag" "vegetable basket" "oil bottle" is famous.

As a construction enterprise, cross-border operation, China Construction, cross-border operation, through supporting e-commerce platform – Zhongjian music purchase, carried out a consumption poverty alleviation, go to Enshi, Shiyan, Huanggang, Huangshi and other 6 cities to investigate poverty alleviation products. There are more than 50 poverty alleviation products such as hood, ethisfeth, Huanggang dry goods. When the product is standardized and upgraded through the platform, the product value is reflected, and the user experience is also synchronized; the navel orange of Hubei is famous for its superior quality, famous, and the high quality of the mushroom is also very high, but because of the visibility Not high, the sales are very narrow, the platform is highlights "秭 秭 橙 橙", meets the multi-level needs of users; from the southwest of the southwest, the famous scenic spots and selenium production areas, selenium tea trees are all over the county, but Picking is not easy, the processing is difficult, consumer users are more embarrassed, and the platform has been coordinated with selenium-enriched rice supply enterprises, and jointly launch the "buy tea oil to send selenium" activities, achieving more than 8,000 moneta oil sales. In order to build the bridge from the employees of agricultural products and enterprises, more quality, excellent price, and distortion of poverty alleviation products, the three bureaus of China and Construction is based on Zhongjian music, and build "China Construction Third Bureau Rural Zhenxing Life Hall" The pavilion is divided into five specializes, which are the East Nanyan Products Area, the East-Northwest Products Area, the East Product Zone, Cereal and Oil Zone, Tea Catering Zone, 200 kinds of agricultural and sideline products, including Hubei Shiyan, Enshi, Huanggang and other regions. 29 rural villages revitalize enterprise agricultural and sideline products.

The "live broadcast" has also been specially invited to regularly invite Language County Enterprise Representatives, Network Daren, and Employee Representatives and other live goods, broaden the online sales channels of poverty alleviation products.

In the future, China Construction Third Bureau will continue to interface all poverty alleviation enterprises, and strive to expand the size of the agent, through the complete industrial chain of "base + farmers + cooperative + platform", realize the comprehensive industrial chain of poverty alleviation products, consumer poverty alleviation systemization, poverty alleviation exchange platform, Shopping poverty alleviation, let the farmers’ labor results transform into real economic benefits, making new and greater contributions to rural revitalization.

(Contributed: China Construction Third Bureau).