TCM teaches you how to detox

TCM teaches you how to detox

Detoxification for men and women is different. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches you how to detoxify your health.

Everyone has toxins in their bodies. When toxins are not eliminated in time, long-term accumulation will cause various diseases.

Therefore, detoxification is important.

TCM health experts point out that due to the differences between men and women, detox health methods are also very different.

Let’s take a look at how men and women detoxify.

  Chinese medicine believes that there are many toxins in the body. If we cannot restart the body in a timely manner, reorganizing our bodies and spirits will have an adverse effect. The substances that cause adverse effects can be called “toxic”, such as damp phlegm, cold, blood stasis, food accumulation, Qi depression, Get angry and so on.

These toxins accumulate in the internal organs and are not excreted in time, which will accelerate the aging of the internal organs, and the skin, muscles, muscles, and nerves supported by the internal organs will also age together.

Remind that both men and women must actively detoxify and eliminate hidden dangers of the disease.

  Dafa detoxification for men1.

6 glasses of water per day: Drinking more water can help the body promote metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body.


Eat more vegetables and fruits: Fruits and vegetables are rich in cellulose and are the “scavengers” of the human body. They can help the body eliminate toxins from the body and reduce the time and content of toxins in the body.


One vitamin pill a day for detoxification: Supplement one vitamin pill every day, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants, which can help eliminate free radicals in the body, fight aging, and enhance your immunity.

  Women’s detox health regimen 1.

Diuretic, dehumidification and detoxification: It usually eats thick taste, is prone to wetness and turbidity, stops when the water is wet, sputum drinks gradually grow, and it becomes poisonous as time passes.

Appears as yellow and swollen, dizzy, lazy, and unfavorable urination.

In ancient books, there is a record “Shen Nong tasted Baicao, and when he encountered seventy-two poisons a day, he got tea and solved it.”

From this point of view, in addition to tea’s detoxification, diuretic detoxification is also an important means of detoxification.

Also drink plenty of water, not more than 2000 ml per day.


Sweating and detoxification method: As early as the summer, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the ancestors had good health habits such as “mu”, “bath”, that is, shampooing, bathing, etc. Later, hot spring bathing was popular, which was based on cleansing the skin., Promote skin blood circulation, detoxification by sweating.


Diet detoxification: Modern Chinese medicine believes that eating foods with detoxification and detoxification functions purposefully is an effective way to eliminate toxins in the body. For example, raw foods can cool the heat, and cooked foods can supplement the air, and the taste is sweet and soft.With intestinal moisturizing, detoxification, analgesic and other functions.


Laxative detoxification: the most direct and effective human detoxification method.

It is used for people who have a strong body, constipation, irritability, toothache, swelling and pain in the head, throat, and cold.

The representative prescription is Fangfeng Tongsheng Pill.

Due to its comprehensive efficacy, it can be used for both healing and health care.

In addition, you should keep your stools open and develop good bowel habits. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less spicy food.

  In short, when toxins are accumulated in the body to a certain extent, they will be manifested externally by the body, such as acne in the arms, abnormal nails, and abnormal skin.

Whether men or women, we must actively detoxify our health to take care of the five internal organs and prevent them from aging and diseases.