Ruikang Hospital retired parties to the party’s history of the party history

In order to carry out the party history education activities, the patriotic enthusiasm of retired party members, on October 27, the retired party members watched the patriotic film "Changjin Lake", carrying out the theme of "Ming Dynasty History Inheritance Red Gene"Party Day activities, work together to revisit history, remember the martyrs, and feel the great spirit of the Aid Diseases.Nearly 3 hours of viewing, everyone deeply felt the cruelty of the war and the will of the Chinese people’s volunteer steel, and it’s not easy to get peace.

Everyone says it will always remember the hard history and great victory of the anti-American assistance, continue the spiritual blood of the Chinese Communists, and do retirement does not fade, always go with the party, and continue to play for the development of the hospital.

(Zhu Weihong) Source: The official website of Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Editor: Chen Ling, Zhou Yule) Share more people see.