Photo: Armed pursuit, mountain search, rushing the beach attack … Fujian Armed Police Special Team launched a practical anti-terrorist drill

Recently, the Armed Police Fujian Corps takes the topic of the anti-terrorist battle in the mountain forest land, and the special warfare teams have launched a strange geographical field that special combatized mountain forests, according to the "marching, and training along the way In place, the battle, fixed-point training, "set up a series of armed pursuit, residential sector, tactical boat, important goal attack battle, rush to the beach attack, etc., the special team In the battlefield environment of "True, Strict, Difficult, Real", truly inspected the universal integrated combat capability and teamwork ability of officers and men, and the survival combat capability of special warfare in complex environments, and tempered hard battle style.

Special warfare players training.

The Yong Yongjun photographed the team member to use the drone to reconnaissance.

Yong Yongjun Take the building to climb training.

Yong Yongjun took a pistol to quickly shoot. Yu Yongjun took a special war team analysts to analyze the target situation. Wu Liangchao tongue layout.

In Yong Yongjun, the special war team initiated the goal. Yan Yongjun took the special war team secretly close to the target.

Yu Yongjun photographed the mountain search training.

Yan Yongjun took a special war team to carry out the fight. Wu Liangchao photo.