“What are you talking?,I am definitely people.!”

A group is very dissatisfied with Liao Wenjie,But the chest behavior of Lyon is vainless,After all, it is a high-end man who lives in a mental hospital.,Everything is deeply,Can’t measure。
“Why do you get off half?,Will catch up with us,Even if you want to hit the car,Hometying it is so fast。”
“You are bypass。”
Liao Wenji eyelid pumping,Take a taxi that has disappeared again,I bought a summary tool after I took a driver’s license.。
this time,Just when the Min Impact is taxed。
He takes a deep breath,Straight rushing to the community residential building,Side:“Lyon,Where is Li Lao, a ghost?,Let’s go to the security room to look for the rule,Controlling Li’s couple is waiting for the rabbit,what do you think?”
No one responded。
Liao Wenjie turned,Lyon with a group of mad market directions,There is no ghost behind him.,Natural no one responded。
“Lyon,What do you run??”
“iySaid that Li Laotai is in the mall,I am going to do something.,play yourself”
This teammates are not,No team awareness。
Liao Wenjie black face will spur in the chest clothes pocket,Lao Lao Tai is also,Take a revenge to revenge,What is the mall in the morning??
Not dedicated at all!
Chapter 44 Perspective like I am so kind,I really don’t have much.
Security room。
Liao Wenjie did not find the ruler,Nothing to talk,Ask a duty personnel,Got a answer on patrolling。
He frowning out,Quickly run back to the ninth floor of your own building,Li’s couple also live in this layer。
Lao Lao Tai is Lyon,No problem,Key is Li’s couple。These two people are extremely good at death,If you let them die success,Back to the soul night, there is no hurricane bloody rain。
Liao Wenjie will not grasp the ghost,But there is no problem to deal with two ordinary people.。
His plan is to control the LI’s couple first.,Waiting for the ghost of Li La Kong,Call alarm,Let the police to deal with Li’s couple。
Knocked half a minute door,Li’s couple did not appear,The opposite wallet is opened.。
“Prosthetic,Don’t sleep in the big night, here to cook soul.,Neighbors are going to work tomorrow.!”
“Feel sorry,I am looking for Mr. Li、Li Mao,In a hurry。”
“Then you don’t have to knock.,Lao Li’s son last night,Sleeping until this morning, suddenly fever,The husband and wife sent the child to the hospital.,I haven’t come back yet.。”
“Thank you。”
Liao Wenjie is slightly tone,No wonder, Li Lao, who is all around.,Feelings are the prostitutes, they have not come back.。
Everything is in progress,Liao Wenjie is not anxious,Turn and take the elevator downstairs,Go in the direction of the mall。
Road,He remembered what Lyon said to Li’s wife last night.,The person who is attached to the ghost will leave sequelae,Time is short, headache,Time is long,A serious part,The two legs have a life。