“Let’s talk to her.,I can’t pull the face for my father.。”

Zheng said that the ancestors waved,Zheng Yuande, a gift in him.,Turn and walk away。After the son left,Zheng Yu Zu, this is annoyed, touching forehead,Expectant。
He can understand Zheng Yuande’s mind,As the next generation of Zheng Jia,Zheng Yuande is to enter the political,His road is still very long.!
Now,A Dead Ghost,Just block the road in front of Zheng Yuande.,Be unwilling!Who can be willing,A more than 20 points of youth,I have to be killed in the grassroots for a lifetime.。
Even unlikely。
“Changed to the ground。”
Zheng said that the ancestors cover their eyes,Muttering。
Bring a faint aroma in the room,Gao Bao lying in bed,Guess here,It should be Zheng’s boudoir。Um,So-called Zheng’s,It should be the lady of Gao Rui.,I heard that the age is still small.。
Such a small daughter,Let her love with Gao Rui,This can also be seen,After Zheng Tai,荥阳 氏,Urgently need the footpoint on the political,Already a little panic。
certainly,This proximity is determined before the ocean.,only,Now the ocean is not there.,Why is Zheng’s still approach??
This is probably“Eggs are not placed in a basket”Consideration。
Here,Gao Bao is extremely dissatisfied!This shows that these lives are actually clear at this situation.,I have no absolute confidence in myself。
Be able to bear,Can’t bear it,So you must give Zheng’s little color,Let them succumb,Let other big friends look at。
Their role,It’s a good change.,Don’t think about it, you can get rid of the rain behind.!
NS1208chapter Tiger stare(3)
Night is deep,Didn’t drink how much wine,Naturally, no sleep。Because,Gao Rui’s former lady Zheng,Will come to you to sleep!
Is the family’s routine??Not very unfortunate little at all.。Gao Baoyi woman,Zhao Ye Li,Fan Yang Lu,Qinghe Cui’s。
Now re-dyed, Fuyang Zhengshi,Equal“Seven dragon balls”A collected one!If Gao Boyi is willing,Bolbe also can“Set”,It’s just that Cui Ji Shu’s unfair guy said。
only,This kind of thing doesn’t。
A woman,For the man she doesn’t like, beauty。
A man,Just try to taste the other。
In the temptation and stress of power,All this is a matter of course。As a result of the brave“demon king”Gao Boyi,Now it is just that the trophy of him should have.。
Who let Gao Rui failed??
Gao Baoyi is a woman who wants to ask Cui Ji.,Probably will be despised,Lianzhuang is not as good as。
But if he is to make Gaori’s women to applaud,Not only will not be discussed,Instead, everyone feels reasonable.!This is the rule of the times,Historical Yang Guang,Li 2,Are you playing like this?。
Everyone is not blamed.。
Gao Baoyi’s mind,Honest,It’s really expected。As long as it is able to fight the family and not torn,He is very expected。
Just when he is planning to walk,The door of the room is pushed open,Moonlight,A 窈窕 figure is getting closer,Slowly look close to bed。
Gao Bao is pretended to close your eyes,Stand breathing,I want to see what this Zheng family wants to do.。
This woman went to bedside,Sit downright,Slowly get together next to Gao Bao,Seeing how long is his long?,Looks like a loose tone。
“close the door,Then go to the lights。”