Alice and Ruth couldn’t hear this.,But Chen Xia heard it,She looked at Zhao Hong,Suddenly said with a smile:“Are you Sister Zhao Hong?!”

“Ah!Dare not be,How do you know my name is Zhao Hong,We don’t seem to know”Zhao Hong said embarrassedly。Chen Xia’s sudden voice,Xia Jian was also surprised。They have never seen it,How does Chen Xia know that there is Zhao Hong in Xiping Village?,And so accurate。
Chen Xia walked over in two steps,Took Zhao Hong’s hand and said:“I’ve heard Sister Zhao’s name from Wang Lin a long time ago,She praised you for your special ability,Keep Xiping Village in order。Just watched,It’s really not a vain name”
“Laughed,We are a little trouble”Zhao Hong said very modestly。
Chen Xia shook her head and said:“Not too small,It is not easy for a village-run enterprise to have such a large scale。According to Xia Jian,The vegetables in your greenhouse almost supply the people in the city.,Even the provincial capital has a certain share,Really gratifying”
Zhao Hong didn’t expect that this stylish and sexy woman could speak so well.,She couldn’t help but be overjoyed。People like to listen to good things,Especially women,So Zhao Hong is inconvenient。
Xia Jian saw Chen Xia solve the game for him,He walked to Zhao Hong hurriedly and said:“Do you have any food at home?Shall you cook a few dishes tonight,Let’s eat at home”
“OK!I heard Wang Lin say,Auntie’s dishes are cooked well,Looks like we have a good food tonight”Alice rushed to say。
Xia Jian hurriedly stopped Alice and said:“My dad and my mom both went out of town,This dish can only be cooked by Zhao Hong,But you believe,The dishes she cooks are more delicious than my mother cooks”
Zhao Hong wanted to show Xia Jian a look,I didn’t expect these women to be very enthusiastic towards her,And what I know,Made her lose her temper for a while,Soon became a piece,But put Xia Jianliang aside。
The vegetable shed in Xiping Village was originally big,But the three women insisted that Zhao Hong show them all,As a result, all the vegetable greenhouses are finished,But it’s getting dark。
Xiping Village in the Twilight,Smoke is everywhere,It looks like a fairyland from a distance。A few women are dumbfounded,Chen Xia said softly:“Really beautiful!No wonder Xia Jian does not like the city but the countryside,I understand”
“Him!I didn’t know when I came back”Zhao Hong joked from the side。
A few women joking,Broke the tranquility of the evening。When entering the village,Because of Ruth and Alice’s dress and skin color,Provoke some good people in the village to peek from far away,It’s a pity it’s getting dark,They can’t see clearly。
Once back home,Zhao Hong started cooking。Chen Xia was unexpected by Xia Jian,She put on sleeves,So he started Zhao Hong。
Alice and Ruth are not,The two of them walked around Xia Jian’s house first,Then ask questions,It’s like chasing Xia Jian,Asked about Xia Jian’s family situation thoroughly。
Wait for Xia Jian to answer,Alice just slapped her thigh and said:”ok!We don’t have to go tonight,Everyone in your house has no problem“
“No way!The conditions of our house are not suitable for you to live in,Moreover,Here from day to night,Or it will be cold in the morning,How can you dress like this?“What Xia Jian said is the truth。