I heard this,The solitude of the solitude is in the moment.。

“Appreciate further details。”
He looked at Gao Baoyi,have to say,This young man is in front of you,He seems to have never been seen。From knowing the first day of this person,It seems like this。
“Everything is proneous。Top ten-year-tax trial period in Huainan,After the end of the year。At that time,Jianghuai people have almost no doubts,Wang Lin and him,It is going to stabilize the people。
So give Wang Lin’s reward,Not only can’t be small,And more than a specific。Let the two Huai people look,Qi Dang did not take them as outsiders,It is also set up a role model.。”
This explanation,There is still a bit of reason。Solitary signal slightly nod,I believe this rhetoric。Gao Baoyi may speak untrue,But,The other party is now patiently explained,This itself represents a compromise attitude。
Since there is this attitude,That all can talk about it.,Solitary correspondence, I don’t have to be prepared by the fish.。
“There are still many people in the old man.,They all have an outway,How do you plan to place them??”
Solitary consults,In fact, I want to ask.,But what should I go to me?。Add up to a Korean。
“Qi Guo is the land of four battles,Youzhou Turk,Two Huhu,Western Zhou Guo Tiger is only in the east,Can breathe a little。”
I didn’t finish the Gao Bo.,Solitary message has not interrupted,Patience waiting for each other。
“Qi Guo’s heart,Only Zhou Guo and Turk,Among them, Zhou Guo is very。In the border of the two countries,There is also a key location,No general,I plan to let the father-in-law ad keeping the Town。”
Gao Bao said slowly。
“Nanyang?”Solitary correspondence is not very much want to go to Nanyang,There are many not very good memories there.。
“Do not,Hedong!”
After losing Yiyang and Hongnong,Zhou Guohun Road is completely blocked,I want to attack Nanyang or Asia who is idiotic.。
“Go to Hedong?”
Hedong is something,Topographic complex,typical“Mountain river table”。Here, Qi Dang and Zhou Guo’s front dog teeth,Frequently change。However, since Wei Xiaowan returned to Yushu City,And give up all lines of external defense,Hardong is completely occupied by Qi State。
certainly,Wei Xia width and returned,Does not mean that he will always be turning the turtle。As long as there is an opportunity,Zhou Jun can also take the river。
When I arrive, I will face the week.。
“What will this don’t matter??”
In fact, solitary correspondence is hope to stay in the city area.,certainly,This is just thinking about it.。Gao Baoyi itself is“Gyeonggong”,No ghost,Too“Gyeonggong”,Even Gao Huan has been in this position。
Become a preparation in the Yucheng area,Then no matter what position,All follow“Gyeonggong”Conflict。Even if Gao Bi is not improper,Let your duties give yourself,I am afraid it will cause great turmoil.。
“Hedong is the country,If I announce this matter today,I am afraid that I will attach the group of people.。This Qi country is not a national country.。
Duomo, the envelope Wang Lin,Just to establish typical,A Wang Lin is enough。As for the father-in-law,No need to hold a meeting after year,Appointment will quietly,Thing,Will not be less。”
Gao Bi said with a sound color。
This is simple to say,It is Wang Lin just a face.,Because he is itself a famous person,Besides“Loyal minister”Person。
And solve the trick rebellion,Don’t be so high,More,Is the right path。Those virtual names,Just like the clouds in the sky,Overwhelming。
Solitary message doubt,It seems to be a bit“Uncommon”。The year-end year-end award will be issued in the year,Who will send a bonus after year??