Can not be a bad,Is there a risk of life??Thanks to the deer

But this is said,In addition to inviting the moon and pity,The others don’t know who he is talking about.,Even if the East is unbeaten is also a fog,I don’t know what the dried brother is doing.。
And this Chu Deiren is highly emphasized.“punish”Two words,It can be seen that Jiang Qin is indeed alive。
“Where is the dog??”Little fish can’t help but ask。
Two stars, killing Jiang Feng couple,Although he is killing his father and killing,But I am happy,It is the most important book for Jiang Qin, the most trusted book.,Jiang Feng consciously treats him like a brother,However, after Jiang Feng and Hua Moon slave,Jiang Qin not only does not send a letter to Yannan,Instead, I will tell the two stars.
Yannan sky has a bare eye,I saw Chu Deirers.,After that, you turn off the war:“Difficult in this matter,Yan Ming feels great。”
Chu Deirers said it is exaggerated,However, Yannan is still recognizing this kind of situation.。
I heard Yan Nan Tian.,Chu Deiren said:“Yan Hexia doesn’t have to be so,Who doesn’t know Chu, in the rivers and lakes??That’s not the person of the 恩 图 报 小 小,After the last year,I have been covered with the cover of the Renong Villa.,What is Jiangnan heroes?!
I still want to fall in the old,I will reveal his conspiracy.,Temporarily imprison their father and son in the iron old house,Act as a labor。”
Chu Deiren,People in the rivers and lakes,Can’t help but discuss。
When the Jiang Bifai crane in Changsha,Hammered porcelain,The reputation is already stinking.,The later encounter did not get the sympathy of people in the rivers and lakes.,Up to it is too heavy before the filter,Unfortunately he is secretly“Ame”。
But his real identity is Jiang Qin.,This is the first time。
In exchange, it is still when the Jiang Bifai is still there.,The Chu Deiren said so.,Side people may not believe,But now people are present.。
certainly,Chu Deirers are also the spring and autumn brushwork, Jiang Bifai Crane, starting to take the floral palace.,This is in the name of Jiangnan.,Later, I only got on the Raolong Villa.,Even dare to invite the moon virtual and committed snake。
But now the Chu Deiren said,But it is all right.,It seems that it is the same。
Inviting the month, there is no refutation,Site from the Chu Deirers to stand up and start with her,The moon is invited to have a lot of money.。
Do you want to really and Yan Nan Tian?,But the attitude of the Chu Deirers is very important
“Jiang Bifuhe?It’s him?”The little fish will be a surprise,After watching the invitation month,But feel very reasonable。
He has already guessed the things behind him.,The only thing I want is to know what the Chu Deiren learned about this.,Attributing to invite the moon。
Yan Nan Tian does not know who Jiang Bifai crane is,After all, he returned to the rivers and lakes.,People in the rivers and lakes have not mentioned this name,But see the reaction of small fish,He understands that the little fish has accepted this statement.
Chapter 993 Brothers recognize
“Thank you, Bugan,Yan Ming feels the moon,Small fish and your disciple,How is it??You are also a generation of masters,If it is still ignorant,There is no need to be a young man,What is the means?,Yan was then!”
Although Yannan Tian listens to Chu Dee’s trick,But still accept the Chu Deirers“Shien”。
Wei has no teeth dead,Jiang Qin is also found、Seize,For Yan Nan Tian,Two things to do,Chu Deirers have done!
Chu Deirers saved the river’s little fish,He also listened to the little fish.
And more importantly,Now the little fish and flower have no shortage,It is also because Chu De talent has a first-line turn.。
Otherwise, the small fish and flowers are not missing,It is an agreement to the moon,Invitation month does not agree with the end,Even if it is Yan Nan Tian, there is no way。
If the small fish is dead,Yannan Tian can only find a month and die.、Revenge for him!
Chu Dee people heard the words of Yannan,Have a high highway:“What is ignorant?Who is ignorant?What is ignorant??”
Said that I also revealed the month,As if you are questioning“Are you still thinking about the little face?”
Invitation, the moon is clear:“Also,It seems that you are not willing to do。”Said that I saw a flower。
“Master father has no fault。”The flower is not short of time, I want to justify it.,But realize that you really think so.,Also busy。
“mistaken?You are right, you know,Why do I want you to kill the little fish??If I really want to kill him,Just need one more!”Inviting the moon to say。
“This is because the master is not willing to bully?”There is no shortage of spending。
But he also knows,If the answer is so simple,What is the father of the master??
“Hahaha,When did you see a teacher?,Whoever let this reason??”Inviting the moon, some mockings。