Under the repeated insistence of China Civil Association,Andre also reluctantly replaced Karpov,Sat down in front of the chessboard with a face full of reluctance,And unceremoniously compare with one person today,He doesn’t have time to play with them。

I saw it was famous in the world“Young chess god”Andre,The members of the China Civil Association rushed to confront Andre。
After all, I can compete with the hottest young chess god in the world today,This is enough to brag for a lifetime,So no one wants to miss this golden opportunity。
So, the members of the China Civil Association, fight for me,Neither give way to each other,Arguing,I didn’t make a profit for a long time.,In the end, Andre was really annoying,Andre waved his arm,“come together!”
“come together?”
Andre’s arrogance immediately caused a great sensation on the scene,Although the members of the China Civil Association are average,Can also be national professional chess players,Also some strength,Andre dared to challenge more than fifty people at the same time?
The leaders of the Russian National Association also felt that the matter was inappropriate,For the time being no matter who wins and who wins,If this matter is publicized,Said they singled out more than 50 people in Russia,But it’s so talkative!
So they quickly stood up and wanted to stop Andre’s misconduct,Who knows that the arrogant Andre suddenly stood up,Turn around,I won’t play with you anymore!
This is indeed the little wild donkey that Qiao Tianyu knew!
The leader of the Russian National Association quickly grabbed Andrei,Exchanged with the China Civil Association,And the China Civil Association was also a little irritated by Andre’s contempt.,promise50Multiplayer bundled and collectively played,I have to give that little wild donkey something“colou
”Take a look。
The war is about to start,The two sides agreed to fight10Bureau,First served5.5Points win,So the scene appeared50The feat of multiple professional chess players against Andre。
At this time, the Russian National Television Sports Channel, which followed the filming, immediately presented this highly anticipated event to the people of the world.。
But after all, Andrei is the successor of the old chess king Karpov.,The hottest in the world“Young chess god”,Power absolute leverage。
Facing the huge delegation of China Civil Association,Andre shows no fear,Aggressive,Take the initiative quickly,Dispatch troops to rampage,Originally prescribed45Game time per minute,It took less than 20 minutes to take away the game!
After losing the first game soon,The chess players of the China Folk Association were all stunned,They finally know what is the highest level in the world。
Andrei,After winning the first game,Even more firepower,He pursues,Quick fix,Quickly accepted the second、third、Fourth and fifth wins。
And the winning time of both sides is constantly shortening,The fifth game only took twelve minutes!
Facing Andre’s aggressiveness,The chess players of China Folk Association are distraught,Everyone is tired and sweating,But persevering,They don’t have the slightest power to parry。