Changsha High-tech Zone: Strengthening Party Construction Leading Helps Optimizing "Business Environment"

The people’s network Changsha November 16th "people have called, reforms". The Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Changsha High-tech Zone adheres to the party building as the leader, keeping around enterprises, mass needs, and continues to deepen "put" venting service "reform, introduced" Changsha High-tech Zone Construction Engineering Planning License Licensing License Commitment Implementation Plan " "Upgraded version". In order to optimize engineering construction project approval procedures, innovate service concepts, streamline work links, improve administrative approval efficiency, optimize "business environment", and make the approval efficiency "fast". The Parts Bureau adheres to the party building, and vigorously carries out "party history education, for the masses" activities, create "planning first, natural pioneers" party building, with four party groups, and strive to build "plan" "Innovative Trunk Pioneer" "Resource Protection Pioneer" "For the People’s Serving Pioneer" four vanguard.

"Innovative Trunk Pioneers" play a pioneer role, lead the project service to innovate the service concept, gather collective wisdom, in the "Changsha High-tech Zone Construction Engineering Planning Permit to inform the Commitment System", "Upgraded version ", Issued by the Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee. Since the "Changsha High-tech Zone Construction Engineering Planning License Inform the Implementation Plan (Trial)" 45 industrial projects such as industrial park projects, the annual distribution of construction project planning licenses is about 87 million m2, and the fastest implementation of the construction project planning license and approval order and other supporting documents, average shortening projects According to the approval time, the boost enterprises start to start production as soon as possible, and the enterprise responds well.

This "Changsha High-tech Zone Construction Project Planning License Inform" continues the original high-efficiency approval process: application and commitment, acceptance and license, supervision and inspection, and realize a full range of regulatory systems. In the scope of application, summarize and promote successful experience. On the basis of industrial projects within the high-tech zone, the government’s financial investment project is included, further strengthen government fiscal investment project management, save project construction time, multi-links, and approval. Implement the "1 + 1> 2" effect, greatly enhance the effectiveness of government financial investment projects.

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