Take the "Quality" to win to the name of the film, the drug industry is invited to share the national quality benchmark experience

"National Quality Reference Rod" is entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the selection activities hosted by the China Quality Association are awarded awards. On November 25-26, the national quality benchmark Fujian Bank exchange activities were held in Xiamen, and Zhangzhou Chiang Ziyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a 2020 national quality benchmark winning enterprise, and the "consciousness + innovation" product quality is shared in the general meeting. Winning in "Quality". Exchange event site, Huang Jinming, general manager of Pharmaceutics, has experience sharing, in detail how company inherit excellent Chinese medicine culture, form ancient and modern Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise quality management methods; how to combine ancient law and modern science and technology. Real uncondition of old name quality; how to build "A-PDCA quality improvement" mode, inject new motivation into the new era.

By implementing the quality of "consisting of intensity + innovation" product quality, the company will enhance the core competitiveness to win, continue to maintain steady development.

Deserved. The Piece Pharmaceutical is the first batch of national high-tech enterprises in Fujian Province. The R & D strength is located in China’s top ten. The Vice President of the China Quality Association, the Secretary-General Section Yongang highly praised the Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical industry in quality control, he believes in modern medicine In the production environment, the modern quality management concept and method can be combined with Chinese medicine manufacturing. In the traditional Chinese medicine industry, it is leading, and the national quality benchmark is the name, and continues to make a leader in my country. Make more contributions to the medical career.

"Quality" endless.

"Construction Heart + Innovation" Product Quality All Process Management Experience will provide reference for the improvement of product quality control levels and new era of old-term enterprises, will also provide demonstrations for the protection and sustainable use of endangered Chinese herbal resources.

The Pharmacy Pharmaceutical will continue to implement the high-quality development major decision-making deployment, stick to the excellent quality, and will further introduce modern science and technology such as Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, and promote the company’s quality control and control, and help the company inherit the essence, Innovation, realize high quality development.