The Branch of the Branch of the Jianotou Group fully plays a strong fighting fortress to promote the party history

Garden Village (Sun Island) Hotel Party Branch is concentrated. Garden Village (Sun Island) Hotel Party Branch Learning theory, proposing the development plan of "five-year three steps", in-depth implementation of the "11354" project of the reform and development, forming high quality development strongest inner life in the end of "145" Power, with brand advantage to give full play to market vitality, comprehensively strengthen high standard reception service capabilities, and become the dragon soldiers of the Group’s hotel management sector, and build Longjiang "first window".

The model leads the strong battle Fortress Provincial Construction Group Party Committee actively guides the entity of the company’s party branch to closely combine the work of work, and carry out a variety of party history learning education theme activities.

Effectively enhance the awareness of party members, cohesive strength, and play the role of fighting fortress. The construction of the construction group is indifferent to the construction of the project. After the party branch of the Mohe Project, the party branch of the Mohe Project will overcome many unfavorable factors, adhere to the party history of learning, and work is not reduced.

Adhere to the branch secretary took the lead, all members of the whole staff, through the activities of "the" Special Party Class "," Management Person Podium "," I am Construction Certificate ", etc., the actual problem of the construction of the party history and the construction of the project is combined. Under the leadership of the Technical Research Guarantee Production Panel, the whole staff attacked and optimized the special technical practices or dozens of professional technical practices or measures to enclose the main body of the terminal. Responsible for the construction unit of Shangzhi City, the construction unit of the construction unit, the project party branch, the party branch, the party history, the education activities, and hosted the intersection of Shangzhi Town, Shangzhi Town, Shangzhi City, "Yangge dedicated to the party, set sail The new journey "literary performance, with residents, the smooth progress of the construction.

The construction process also helped residents to clean up the road, and won the support and trust of the majority of residents. The Party Branch of Longzhu Daoqiao Company has continuously enhanced the targeted and effectiveness of the party history of the party branch of the party branch. Since the development of "Doctors" test and study education, the party history of the Party is, the party committee of the Jiandou Group insists on the practice of "I am practicing" for the masses "and the" three-year reform action "depth, constantly consolidating the basic work of people’s livelihood, constantly Promote the company’s reform to explore the depths, landing to the implementation.

The party committee of the Jianover Group and the entrepreneurship of the enterprises of the "I have implemented the" I practical "matters", covering the employee remuneration, vocational skills training, catering, difficult group help and other welfare treatment issues and fulfilling state-owned enterprises Social Responsibility Responsibility and Disaster Relief, Help Project Lands, Public Welfare Donations. At present, 444 items have been completed, 71% completion rate, and the rest is advanced according to the orderly order.

This year, Heilongjiang is constantly increasing. The Shui Authority of the Provincial Water Conservancy Design Institute is immediately active, forming a number of experts to go to Gag Daqi, Mohe, Tahe, Horse and other places to guide flood control. During the construction of Jinxi Irrigation District, Fujin City, the resident design group was established, and the resident design representative was 6 people.

The project design irrigation area is 1.1 million mu, nearly 500 bone engineering buildings, nearly 5,000 field project buildings, each person is responsible for a piece of area, and to the respective construction site in the day, summarize the construction progress and problems. It is guaranteed the progress requirements of the formal water in the project, and the party construction work is achieved and the business work is similar to the frequency and integration development.

"Party ‘s Walkout" release center work driving force to strengthen party building is not only an effective way to enhance ideological understanding of enterprises, improve workstation, effective way to carry out the implementation capacity, and is an external active docking, and local governments and owners establish interconnection Together to promote the work of work.

The party branch of the 12th Project of the Second Company of the Provincial Construction Investment Group, the second part of the second company, in Jilin to Heihe National Expressway, Heilongjiang Province, Shanhe (Ji-black province) to Harbin (Yongyuan Town) section construction project A3 section construction project In the organization department of the Wuchang Municipal Party Committee, he jointly promoted the problem of projects; Henan suffered heavy rain, and the second project branch of Dingchang Company, Dingchang Company, Dingchang Company, the Longmen Grottom Scenic Area, to help the local government to rescue, and be subject to the local government The "Highlight Contribution Award" will be awarded; the Long Jian shares have been completed by the depreciation of the resident of the democratic village to assist in the construction of agricultural products.

After studying and effectiveness, the real foot, the top 2021 With the problem. Complete the new process of producing the production and management of "economic efficiency centered, profile + door and window + service as the main line", and reshape remodeling.

Profile workshop, pressing workshop, assembly workshop, glass shop, aluminum bag wood shop (part parts workshop) direct manufacturing cost average decreased by 3%, annual dealt of 1.75 million yuan, complete "two gold" to pay 6 million yuan. The market is accurate layout, fully implement the responsibility system of the project manager, and strive to build a sales team system and build a market pattern. Longan II Co., Ltd. Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party History and the Educational Chemistry, anchoring the economic indicators of the company this year, motivate the majority of party members and cadres and workers to do their best, and create a new situation in another round of business development. Since 2021, there have been 25 new signages, and the contract number of 100 million yuan, the provincial project "Harbin New Generation Material Technology Industrial Park (Phase 1) Project" has been completed according to the construction node, and won the "a mechanical and electrical installation cable transport device" Waiting for ten practical new patents, laying a good foundation for successful completion of the annual indicators.

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