Woman, don’t make sustainable a habit

Woman, don’t make sustainable a habit

They go to and from office as much as men, participate in negotiations as much as they can, argue with their opponents, and complete their work equally well.

More and more professional women use their strengths in the highly competitive workplace to win undisputed respect among male colleagues.

However, quite a few professional women have a subconscious dependence on their male colleagues, male bosses, and even male subordinates.

  Lack of independence in the type of psychological dependence: The root cause of this type of female dependence is lack of independence.

This dependence psychology is the manifestation of women’s lack of self-reliance and autonomy.

It is likely that it is not easy to be competent for the existing job, so finding a job “leadership arrangements” anyway, not even dare to meet the client alone to negotiate, and not willing to contact the client actively.

Miss Wang is the only child in the family. From childhood, her parents arranged everything for her to study and live.

After graduating from college, she introduced her 6-year-old boyfriend, ordered to get married, and then used to her husband to arrange everything.

When encountering problems at work, she looked around for granted to see who could solve it for her, some male colleagues around her.

Even after returning home, he will refuse to work for her husband and look forward to his suggestions like his elders.

This is a very serious psychological dependence, which will not be conducive to Miss Wang’s career development and the establishment of a good family relationship.

Although she knows that going on will definitely affect her career development and family harmony, she still cannot quit this kind of dependence that makes her feel safe.

  Lack of self-confidence: It can also be said to be afraid of difficulties.

Traditional social culture has always shaped women as weak and in need of protection. This has affected the formation of their willpower, so they always hope that someone will help themselves when they encounter difficulties.

Even women, as bosses or department leaders, cannot maintain self-confidence and face bravely when faced with difficulties, which consumes their interests and time too much and affects the development of their careers.

Miss Wen is introverted and lacks self-confidence in college.

However, after working, they were judged to be two people, and through their unremitting efforts, they were in the import and export department of a company, and they worked very well.

The ugly duckling becomes a white swan, and his mental appearance is renewed.

But when she suddenly faced a business contradiction, the tension that she had worked overtime till late at night and remained unresolved, her confidence built over the years of working quickly collapsed.

I felt that my ability was not enough, and turned to over-reliance on male colleagues. Even other tasks that I could handle calmly before felt that I could not do well.

The exceptions for this type of women are especially noticeable when work is not going well, when they doubt their abilities and want help from others.

  Rejecting responsibility types: Responsibility and rights are always reborn brothers. When making decisions independently, it often means that you have to assume responsibility and consequences independently.

Some women rely on their male colleagues or leaders as soon as they have a problem at work. They are very cautious and unwilling to make their own decisions. The fundamental reason is that they are unwilling to take responsibility.

MissQ is a person who cannot tolerate her mistakes and pursue perfection in her work.

So everything never decides anything on the job.

For the first time, I went on a business trip from Beijing to Hainan on behalf of the company. When I encountered problems that required coordination among the parties, I relied too much on colleagues in the Beijing head office to make contact and did not make my decision in time.

  Seeking approval type: Some women don’t particularly care about the other person’s response when seeking advice from a male colleague.

But she needs the opportunity to let her colleagues know what she is doing, and everyone needs to think “Look, she works hard!”

In this way, she feels that her work has been recognized by others, and she is psychologically satisfied.

So their talk, rejection or consultation is sometimes just a communication, a way to show themselves, and not care about the other party’s answer.

Through this communication, they feel that their work is understood and recognized by others, and to a certain extent they satisfy the desire for self-actualization.

  Eager to support: Not all women feel dependent on their male colleagues.

Some women will still seek advice from those around them when a problem has been decided.

The reason she asked again was in her heart that she expected others to make the same judgment as her, and hoped that others would come to the same facts as herself.

Because women care more about group evaluations than men, they prefer ethnic activities such as shopping together, fitness exercises, etc.

Common goals and behaviors in the crowd can give women a sense of security.

“Everyone thinks so,” so I feel supported and regain confidence in my decision.

  Causes of psychological dependence on the influence of traditional culture.According to traditional cultural norms, only men should have ambitious enterprising spirit, dominance, desire for power and aggressive aggressiveness and competition, and they should have the heavy responsibility of “family together, governing the country, and peace in the world”.

And if women are desperate to get ahead, it is abnormal and incomprehensible to have a deep desire for achievement.

People think of weakness and dependence as a natural label for women.

  Contradictions of multiple social roles.

In general, women have more conflicts than men in various social roles.

The workplace requires them to be dedicated, enterprising and pioneering, but at home they are required to be gentle, virtuous and responsible wives and mothers.

When women’s social work roles conflict with family life roles, often both roles will be affected. Occasional pride will be exposed at home, and excessive dependence in the company is likely to occur.

They need to deal with family and career relationships and maintain psychological balance.

  Don’t let dependence become a habit. Most men like women who are gentle and obedient. I am afraid that Hedong Lion Roar is a different kind.

So when women ask for help, unless there is deep hatred, they are usually willing to help.

Seeing that women around them have a sense of dependence, most men are secretly smug and seem to satisfy a kind of vanity.

But for women who have a tendency to become overly reliant, they will feel “women are really troublesome”!

Because men can accept “moderate dependence”.

What is moderation?

Not only do men have the pride to save people in distress, but they should not be so tired or ugly that they can’t help him at all.

Therefore, the woman has overcome it for a long time, and can no longer get up.

  In short, professional women are still women first, so their psychological dependence is difficult to completely overcome.

In fact, there is no need to completely overcome it. Professional women’s proper dependence is precisely their kinder and more accessible performance than their male colleagues.

Properly expressing this kind of dependence can actually help build a harmonious relationship between colleagues, which is the advantage of women!