Zhu Minglang has some doubts,Just walked all the way,He didn’t smell the dragon,On the contrary, this mountain is quite quiet,Even some self-righteous demon spirits、There are no demons……

Logically,A group of people like them walking in this deep mountain,Will still be targeted by some cannibals。
No monsters wandering,Not a good thing!
That’s because the weaker monsters are aware of this more dangerous creature,So I dare not go out hunting!
A gap appeared in the huge wooden door,Some fire came out。
at this time,Under the dim cliff,A pair of greedy and vicious eyes suddenly lit up,Like a beast that always hides in one place,Just waiting for the prey to pass in front of it。
Its eyes,Staring at the crack of the door,As if there is endless food inside the door,That rolled up hostility and evil spirit,Like a storm blew over!!
“come on in!!”
The young man in the fur hat shouted。
I wish Minglang will be the last,Others quickly passed through the gap between the vines on the wooden door,When I want to step in,Zhu Minglang discovered that those vines grew rapidly、Entangled,Actually closed the door tightly!
“There is one more person。”Fang Niannian is inside,Shouted angrily。
When Nan Yusu was going back,Found that the wooden door was completely sealed。
“I’ll save him,But the door must never be opened!”At this moment,Said the young man at the top。
“How can’t you open,That guy is so far away。”