When Li Huo saw the little red dragon,Subconsciously retreat,The complexion became quite ugly,The little red dragon is pressing every step,Although there is no habit of spitting out its thick phlegm,But obviously unfriendly。

“How did this stuff come out?Why follow you?”Li Huo couldn’t help but yell。
And Li Yun was even more shocked,Want to help,But was held back by the boy,Beckon him to stay calm。
The boy and the little red dragon rely on divine knowledge to communicate,But not very smooth,Sometimes it’s necessary to guess,At this moment, the little red dragon is obviously angry,But it won’t hurt Lihuo for now。
“Let it go away,This worm is terrible,Horse monkey,Do you dare to harm me?I want you to look good。”Li Huo swears cruel words,But dodge the little red dragon。
The boy remembered being in the belly of the twelve peaks of the Imperial Court,What the lava dragon once said in his presence,Not only complaining about Huo Tianzun,I hate the young man Huo Tianzun brought long ago,That he forgot to promise since he left,treachery,There must be hidden feelings。
The little red dragon is pressing step by step,Seems to be questioning Lihuo,But Lihuo just avoids blindly,Don’t want to face it at all,Finally the little red dragon got angry,Spit a thick sputum towards Lihuo,It happened suddenly,The boy didn’t have time to stop。
Lihuo also punched out to save his life,The fire in the cave burst into the sky in an instant,The little red dragon was blown away,The fiery sharpness of the king is indeed well-deserved。
But it’s not easy to stay away from the fire,The little red dragon spit out something like phlegm but not phlegm,A little bit stuck to his fist,Immediately burned the flesh and blood on it,Show off his bones,There are gold threads circulating in the bones,Actually slowly protected the further damage of thick phlegm。
Rao is so,Howl of pain from the fire,That sad look,Almost rolling on the ground,The teenager has experienced this feeling,It is a hundred times more terrifying than the pain at the moment of Lihuo,That is the taste of the whole body being burnt。
From this point of view,Lihuo has not been quenched,But the gold thread in the bone has obvious characteristics of the torch,And teenagers are very familiar with this breath,Can’t help but frown,The gold thread should come from‘Liege’。
“What is going on?”Liyun is not affected,But really angry,Because the young man is the Lord of the Five Elements Palace after all.,But the tone is already obviously unpleasant。
No answer,A round of blazing sun slowly appeared from the back of the neck,The light emitted at this time is soothing and soft,Shining on the wound from the fire,It caused the gold thread in the bone to become thick in an instant,Quickly clear the small fire dragon sputum remaining on the surface of the body。
“Big Sun Jinzhu!”Li Yun was shocked,What he cultivates is also the fire attribute divine power,Although there is no good luck from my own brother,But it was pointed out by Huo Tianzun himself,Regardless of technique and knowledge, it surpasses Lihuo,Even better than Elder Qi,Naturally know this golden bead,He never expected that the boy had a connection with the Sunlieyang Palace。
Lihuo is also a person who knows goods,Staring at Lieyang behind the young man, he couldn’t speak,His face pale due to pain became a bit distorted,Seeing his skin gradually healed under the continuous repair of gold thread,His spirit relaxed,Sat down on the ground。
Squeak,The little red dragon flew back from outside,More angry now,I want to spit thickly with my mouth open,The teenager pinched its dragon head in his palm,He is the body tempered by the fire,I’m not afraid of any flames,Little Red Dragon can’t help him no matter how brutal。