Under the shackles of the Liangyi Guardian Formation,Sixteen short spears appeared at a distance of three feet close to Li Ming。

“Not assassination escape,Although they are 30% alike!”Li Ming shook his head。
Peak Daojun is extraordinary,Each has its own trick。
Simply speaking,Any peak Daojun is unique。From the effect of the trick,There are also some special ultimate moves。
Such as the immortal body,This trick has a lower threshold,Some top Taoists who prefer to save lives can perform,But practicality is extremely strong。Peak Taoist with a perfect immortal body,The Lord of the Holy City is hard to kill。
Another example is the law of clone,It’s also a stunt in probing,Even the King of Light can distinguish billions of true and false clones,Afterwards, the clones join forces to kill the enemy。
And assassination escape,But the threshold is extremely high,But also a terrible trick。
quietly,Beyond time and space,Unpredictable。
This killer,I hurt you,You can’t fight back!
The peak Daoist who is good at this trick,It’s the same as those who have achieved close to perfection,Are often the undisputed power of an era。
By contrast,Although these two octopus heads are eternal emperors,But the strength is still lacking。Many short spear assassinations,Although it looks like an assassination escape,But it’s still far。
At least the assassination escape technique cannot be easily blocked by his formation。
The other two eternal emperors—Seems a little weak。
“Boom!”Li Ming blasted two palms,Chaos Power Hook,As if two big mountains fall。
Hardly any resistance,The two eternal emperors were firmly suppressed。
“Only comparable to the strength of Daojun against Heaven。。And it’s the weaker,Probably the same as the god of desolation back then。”Li Ming made a judgment。
Two octopus heads,But belongs to the weakest eternal emperor。This emperor,In the endless realm, it is not to worship and seek refuge in some big forces,Just hide away。