“Tell me about the order,I can’t remember。”Peng Weihua scratching his head。

Li Tianchou smiled,“Also good,do it again。Broad bean and Xue monkey move first at 6:30 in the evening,Hit Xue Yikai’s place,Mostly bluff,Of course the bigger the movement, the better;ten minutes later,Me and old you、Zhang Wenhui toss Pang Rong’s nest;Seven o’clock,You take Xiao Liu、Ahao went to make trouble in Shuiboyuntian,remember,It’s really playing this time,Take a picture of the substance first,No matter how hard it is,Move fast;seven o ‘clock,Old Zhu hands。After finishing,All back to Fuxing Village。“
“okay,remember,Laozi’s third hands-on,I have to give him the whole mess。“Peng Weihua made a promise。
“So our style bar will open tomorrow?”Lao You is a little worried。
“open,Open on time at two o’clock in the afternoon。“Li Tianzhi’s sure answer,”Now notify the brothers who participated in the walk at night,We will gather at the small courtyard behind our restaurant immediately。“
Liu Qiang returned to the police station uneasy,I don’t know what Li Tianzhen will make at night,Youxin and Zhou Nantong ventilate,But think about it again。
Now the county leaders are changing blood,The internal public security bureau is also constantly adjusting,Zhou Nan exhales after returning to office again,Not only in the criminal police team,And you can talk in other ways。
This person is good at everything,Just by chance,The Municipal Bureau has transferred all the cases related to Li Tianzhen,He Zhou Nan just refuses,Must find out who is Chou Yinmao。Followed by Zhao Yong to join in the fun,Finally, I was scolded by the new director before he stopped,But I’m still not convinced,If Li Tianzhen got into trouble tonight,,It’s really a trouble。
Not to mention Zhao Yong,I still clamor for revenge on my comrades,Liu Qiang is upset,After thinking about it for a long time, I still think it’s better to deal with it,Pretend not to know。If something big happens,Li Tianzhi asked him for it,I said nothing to wipe my ass this time。
But what is afraid of,Liu Qiang’s idea of retracting his neck has just taken shape,Then an unfamiliar phone called,Hesitated to pick it up,Xu Wen,He was dumbfounded immediately,Intuition tells him that there is no good。
“Brother Liu,I,Xu Wen。“
“what,what,Instructor Xu Da,Call in person,Any instructions?“
“Brother Liu, don’t make fun of him,bother you for something,I won’t go around,Without violating the general principles,Can you help Li Tianzhen??“
“What do you mean?A little confused。“Liu Qiang is not good at offending each other,Began to pretend to be deaf。
“Brother Liu is not happy,‘Ranger‘Training soon,I give the team members a holiday to deal with housework,Li Tianzhi’s situation in Fushan,You know best,Also helped him a lot,Hope this time as always。Xu Wen writes down your favor。“
“I care about your uncle,Wu Fang。“Liu Qiang yelled at his comrade in arms,It seems that he gave Xu Wen all his troubles,This is so unlucky,Can’t hide,Bite the bullet,”Not for not helping,Now the leaders in the bureau are changing blood,The police force also changed a mess,Can’t get in。“
“Oh,So。Then no trouble,I’ll call Wu Ju,Chat next time。“Xu Wen is not reluctant,I’ll hang up after explaining。
Liu Qiang was anxious immediately,“Hey,and many more,and many more。I said you haven’t listened to me,Let me think of a way,Damn,This kind of thing also troubles Bureau Wu,Are you stupid as an instructor??“
“Brother Liu criticized,Then trouble。“Xu Wen almost laughed when he hung up,This Liu Qiang is no ordinary slippery head,No wonder Wu Fang would rather go check the old man himselfAof trend,Also push this matter to him,Are they really comrades-in-arms?。