“In addition,We also have to fight to avoid the pressure of killing him,strong,You arrange for people to collect evidence of the cooperation between the Dark Vatican and us,The final pressure cannot be borne by our side alone。”

“In addition”Desli says:“Choose the two most loyal archbishops from our Holy See,Our current‘Grace’,Enough to make the two archbishops advance to the sanctuary。Let the bishop in charge of intelligence come over,I want to arrange the task myself。‘strong’Don’t relax,Although we can only rely on the magician to kill that person,But when he was beheaded by us,You may face revenge from the four ultimate fighter families later。”
“Yes!”Lie responded loudly。
Chapter 22 Journey to the Grassland
Just when the intelligence personnel in the Holy See are gathering information,Find out where Wright is,And think tanks are figuring out how to ambush Wright,Which method is most suitable to deal with,Wright and Cecilia travel all the way,Has reached the easternmost part of the mainland‘Far East Prairie’。
It’s been three months since Wright and Cecilia came to the Far East Prairie,These three months,Wright and Cecilia trek all the way on pure legs,From the eastern province of the Magnolia Empire and the extreme eastern prairie border,All the way south,Wading,Across the prairie。
The endless green ocean of the Far East Prairie,Countless half-human grasses are boundless。
For three months,Wright and Cecilia also met many herders,Wright and Cecilia treat themselves as ordinary travelers,Not weak,But it didn’t show much amazing strength。Most of the time Wright will trade with herders,Exchange the killed monsters for water and food,Just like an ordinary traveler。
The herdsmen on the grassland have both sturdy folk customs and warm and hospitable sides,The herders will call the defeated hostile tribes as slaves,But outsiders are hospitable to friends。Of course Wright suspected this and he met these tribes,Always bring some monsters‘gift’related。
Herdsmen often keep large herds of cattle and sheep,Can be slaughtered and sold。But the steed for the family to ride,But regarded as a partner,If any house raises a steed or a red horse、Horse like warcraft,That will definitely start the envy of everyone。And if someone covets their horse partner,Will face their tough side。
Although many young herders saw Cecilia’s amazing face,All seem very enthusiastic,The gaze in the eyes is hot,But when Wright explained that it was his wife,These young herders looked away。Of course there are occasional self-sustained force,Planning to show off in front of Cecilia,Wright slapped him over。Wright shows a little bit,Probably showing level 8 strength。This strength is enough to be respected by the largest tribes on the prairie。And such strength,It’s natural to have beauty。
And whenever this time,Cecilia used her cloak to hide her smile,Hiding behind Wright,She seems to enjoy the behavior of Wright teaching others。
But occasionally there are not long eyes。
“Babble~”Wright and Cecilia trekking on the prairie were surrounded by a small group of cavalry riding on rock horses。
The overburden horse is a tertiary earth beast,Slow in horse warcraft,But the strength is amazing,This body is covered with a layer of hard rock armor,And one squadron is equipped with a full set of horse armor,In addition to the small number, it is already a very elite heavy cavalry.。
But this‘Elite’In front of Wright and Cecilia,It’s really no different from a joke。
“Take a look,You provoke it again。”Wright spoke to Cecilia with a smile。
“Ha ha~”Cecilia rolled her eyes,But a trace of hostility。Those ordinary herder boys are still very measured,She doesn’t care,But this seems to be to grab yourself。But she is not that kind of weak woman,The entire Far East Prairie,It might be that‘Wu Sheng’Qualified to fight her。
“Wright,Don’t make a move later,Leave it all to me。”