Don’t care,Isn’t this just care?

Even the audience in the live broadcast room,Can also see,A stall,Would buy something for 20,000 yuan?To know,You come out to set up a stall,Things for sale,Basically it can be sold for a few hundred yuan,Liar?Obviously take advantage of the fire。
just,Everyone also because he only pursued such a broken jade pot,Have a good impression of him,this moment,The good feeling disappeared without a trace in an instant。
Some people even suspect,Did this guy bump into porcelain on purpose?。
after all,This kind of thing is not without,Who knows?
Twenty thousand?Ye Ping’s mother and daughter don’t look good,But can’t help it,After all, the fact is that she hit someone,at this point,Can’t afford it。
right now,People clearly want to pit it,You can’t say anything。
Hu Yang picked up the broken jade pot,Took a few glances,A little surprised,Found that the jade pot is a real jade pot,And the value is more than 100,000。
He couldn’t help but glance at the man,I’m afraid this guy doesn’t know,The value of this jade pot?otherwise,It’s impossible for Ye Ping to pay 20,000 yuan。He doesn’t believe,This guy is so kind。
Populus couldn’t help but speak:“Forget it,Pay him!”
When the man heard,See people here compromise,Chuckle。
Get!Since Brother Hu said so,Ye Ping had to pay。This compensation,The small vault is about half gone,It hurts to think about it。not only that,I was screwed by my mother。
She regrets,You shouldn’t play with your phone while walking。
After getting compensation,That guy hurriedly cleaned up things on the ground,Leave quickly,I’m afraid these people will regret the same in the next moment。
I saw on the ground,There are four stones left,Originally he set up a stall to press the four corner stones,I’m too lazy to pick it up。this day,Got 20,000,Satisfied。
Ye Ping was so angry that he picked up one of them,I’m going to throw it in the trash can nearby,At this moment,She found Brother Hu picked up the other three pieces,Seriously look,I stopped the movement in my hand。
Wah Chai Open Road:“That guy just took advantage of the fire!”