Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Change and change
Cen Wen stayed in Miyamoto’s house after all,Some members of the Miyamoto family are somewhat worried about this。Because they know that Cen Wen is one of the Seven Saints,But Zhang Qiang is also one of the leaders of the eight branches。
Can these two fight the ring??Doesn’t look like it!
Because they are not well informed,Naturally it is impossible to know that Cen Wen has been expelled from membership。
Of course Qin Feng would not explain to those children,Anyway, these Miyamotos can’t help,Qin Feng has no reason to please these people。
In the living room,Cen Wen is playing Go,to be frank,Qin Feng is actually not interested in playing chess。
But he heard that as long as it is an intelligent creature,Would like the chess game。
of course,At this moment, Cen Wen told him,Even said,Their Seven Sages of Spiders once set a temporary ranking based on their success in Go。
Qin Feng immediately asked him where he ranked among the Seven Saints,This guy brazenly said that he is the second of the seven sages。
“Awesome my fat text!”
A mockery of Qin Feng,Cen Wen didn’t care at all,Even at this time:“I started to move。”
“Ok?”Qin Feng watched Cen Wen play a move,Although it seems to be very delicate,But more like pretending to beep?
Without waiting for Qin Feng’s next response,Cen Wen continued:“Didn’t you push Chu Xiao before,Let him meet Zhang Qiang。I’ll take a seat now。”
Cen Wen’s words just finished,Firmino ran over in a hurry。
“Qin Feng,I just received the message,Blown up again,The blasting mercenary group blasted again,Rush into the Tokugawa house,Killed several Tokugawa disciples。”
“Oh?”Qin Feng didn’t feel much at all when he heard the news,But after taking a look at Cen Wen,It feels a little different。
Because Cen Wen just said,He seems to have done something,The one who made the explosion,Could it be the Cen Wen faction??As for this suicidal behavior,Qin Feng thinks it’s not difficult to execute。Cen Wen has been in business for so long,How could there be no dead men??