“so。This team of white chess。Working at home these days will not affect the operation of the entire company,Do not worry!”

Lin Yuna said:“Can we work from home this week??Wouldn’t it be easy without going to the company。”
Xiao Fan said:“It can be understood that if there are really important things,You can also stay in the department where you say goodbye。”
“Or our meeting room can also be loaned to you。Do not worry!No problem。”
“Just a week,Won’t have much impact。”
Lin Yuna said:“You too,I should discuss this matter with me in advance。that’s it。Decorated sister Bai’s office,It’s back to the employees that they all go home on vacation。”
Xiao Fan said:“I said it was a surprise,Just want to do it secretly,Then you can go on Monday。I saw that the entire office space has become larger。”
Lin Yuna said:“Think about it this way,Actually pretty good。”
“Can stay at home for a week without working all day,When I have time, I can find change and go shopping outside.,right?”
Xiao Fan said:“It’s not impossible,But ah,Don’t be lazy。”
Chapter 835 Why not
Lin Yuna said:“Do not worry,I know。How hard I have been during this time!How can you be lazy?”
Lin Yuner naturally knows that Xiao Fan also kindly thinks that the office space between him and Bai Xi can be enlarged.。
So,When two people are working!I can feel better,Redecorate,Must be for their good。
And if now because of office problems。If you can work at home,It’s always easier than going to the company every day。
I can take a good rest this week,why not?
But then Lin Yoona thought again,If so, Xiao Fan would decorate the white office for him privately。
It also led to the design team of White Chess all going home for a week. Will others make irresponsible remarks。
Then Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan in a low voice:“If we do this, will people in the company gossiping??”
“It feels a bit like a beacon playing with lords。”Lin Yoona wanted to laugh while talking。