Just a high imitation,Lao Shu didn’t care,And this can be regarded as someone’s trophy?

Thank the queen of the earth、Class、hiroyuki、Big rhino、A reward from these brothers!
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Nine lapis lazuli
Ye Ping’s mother is considered to have seen the talents of Populus,After leaving the store,Full of praise。
Hua Zi asked:“Hu Ge,Isn’t this fake??”
Everyone reacted,Yes!Just identified,Isn’t it a high imitation??This stuff,Brother Hu too?It’s not like Hu’s style, right??
Populus took off the lid,Throw it in the trash can on the side,Smiled:“The lid is fake,But the big can itself is not fake,It is indeed the Southern Song Dynasty plum celadon。
This kind of porcelain jar,It has no lid,I don’t know who is so idle,Added one up。”
Everyone was stunned,There is this kind of operation?
Old Wu and others thought:If the middle-aged person knew,You want to kill, right??
but,Deserve it!As locals,I can’t get used to that kind of deceptive behavior。You made money,But it hurts everyone’s interests。No wonder,The owner of the store will expose him!Their Longquan antique market,Isn’t it all that kind of people mess up??
Lao Wu dare not ask,Ye Ping’s mother has no scruples,Asked:“Xiao Hu,How do you know it is from the Southern Song Dynasty?”
This question,Is also a question of many people。
Populus pointed to the glazed surface of the big jar,Open road:“Mainly look at the glaze,Do you have‘Tendons’,And the so-called‘Tendons’,Are the edges of the artifacts and other bumps and turns,White linear tire color is exposed due to thin glaze,This is an important feature of celadon in the Song and Yuan dynasties。