“What else do you have?”The Great Venerable frowned and shouted。

“The reason you don’t want to compromise,It’s nothing more than a large stock of secret medicine in hand,And even if Heino Lab is destroyed,You can also ask the people in the club to help you build another,Anyway, technology is so advanced now,As long as you have the finished product,Reverse derivation results,I believe it will not be too difficult。”Su Yi talked freely。
The Great Lord is silent,Obviously what I thought in my ex-wife’s guess。
“Let’s get married,I really don’t want you to lose too ugly。But since you are stubborn,I can’t help it!Before actually coming,We have negotiated with the profiteers in the club,Lu Menglin holds the formula of the new medicine,So they unanimously chose to support him,Become the leader of the new secret medicine group。”Su Yi has a neat and leisurely expression,Smiled。
“what?This is impossible!Those guys are so afraid of death,How dare you disobey me!”Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu is finally completely angry,Roar loudly。
“If you don’t believe it,You can call now to confirm。You can call anyone。Jiang Chuyu,You have already left!”Su Yi remains calm,Every sentence hits the heart of the Great Venerable。
The Great Lord’s eyes rounded,Really took out a mobile phone from his waist,Dialed one of the phone numbers stored on the phone。
“Hey!Mr. Lee,I am Jiang Chuyu,I have something to ask you。”Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu is already out of anger,It matters,He must make this call to confirm。
Dialed this phone number,It’s the personal phone number of a certain Chinese richest man,Usually this number will only contact the Great Venerable One-line,Absolutely safe and confidential。
“Hello!What’s the matter?”A strong voice came from the phone。
Just listen to the sound,Totally unimaginable,The one across the phone,Actually an old man who is over ninety years old,In order to stay vigorous,This Mr. Li doesn’t know how much money he spent,And the high-level secret medicine,Is an indispensable part of it。
“Do you know a junior named Lu Menglin?I heard someone at the club intends to support him,Is there such a thing?”The Great Venerable asked proudly。
He and this Mr. Li have a good relationship,Relationship has been good,And this Mr. Li is one of the eight directors of the Ten Billion Club,Have a veto,As long as Mr. Li supports the Great Lord,He’s not afraid that there will be trouble in the 10 billion club。
“Great Lord,I know Lu Menglin。very sorry,I can’t support you anymore,This is the unanimous resolution of our club members。”
After Mr. Li finished,There was a blind tone from the phone microphone。
The Great Venerable was shocked,I can’t believe my ears,Mr. Li gave up supporting himself,Change to support Lu Menglin,And also said that this is the decision of all the members of the club,The point is that after he finished speaking, he dared to hang up the phone first,I don’t want to talk to the Great Lord at all。